A small group of us got together today and formed a company so that we can submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ in the pub to the Council. This simply means that we will have until January to put a bid together and it cannot be sold in the meantime. As a gesture of goodwill, we are going to write to John to let him know our aspirations to try to raise the money to buy The White Horse on behalf of the Stonesfield community.

In addition, we have started to identify members of a steering group as well as people with relevant professional expertise to work on the different aspects of the project – marketing, fundraising, property market and construction, business planning, project management and finance etc.

If we are successful, this company will be not-for-profit… any and all money made will be reinvested into the pub.

Our intention is not just to save the pub but to create an exciting vision for what The White Horse can do for the community in the hope that as many people in the village can get behind it as possible.

If anyone happens to have around £400,000 and wants to buy and run the pub, please do get in touch and save us from this madness. If not, just wish us luck!

Simon Warr