Please write to the Parish Council, West Oxfordshire District, Oxfordshire County Council and our MP, Robert Courts, to support #backthewhitehorse.

Email addresses are below with some draft words for your email. Please feel free to personalise them and add your own thoughts about why you want the pub to survive and what you want the councils to do about it.

Parish Council (chair of our Parish Council)


Simon Warr
Steering Group
Stonesfield Community Pub


Subject: Closure and sale of The White Horse pub in Stonesfield

“To all our representatives at Parish, District, County councils and Parliament.

“Our White Horse pub is under threat. It is the last pub in Stonesfield, West Oxfordshire is already listed as an asset of community value, but it has been closed and put up for sale.

“A community group has been formed and registered its interest in trying to buy the pub. We have launched a campaign #backthewhitehorse to try to raise the funds and to ensure a community pub would deliver the services the community want to see.

“We want to make it clear to you our elected representatives that we would like to see your active support in this matter.

“We believe the pub as a vital business at the heart of our village, supporting economic value, employment, well-being, community cohesion and lifestyles.

“We call on you as our representatives to use all moral, legal and financial tools available to support us in saving The White Horse as an asset for the whole community.

Yours, etc”