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What is a community pub?

A community pub is just as it sounds – a pub business owned and controlled by the community for the benefit of the community.  Since the first community pub opened in the UK in 1982 there are now around 100 community pubs open and trading, several in Oxfordshire.  To date, no pub that has transitioned to community ownership has closed.

How are community pubs funded?

Community pubs are typically funded through a public share offering allowing members of the community and other third parties the opportunity to invest.  There are usually minimum and maximum investment thresholds.  All shareholders (or members) have a say in the running of the business on the basis of one-member-one-vote.

What the benefits of community ownership?

In many cases, community pubs have been established as a means to save pubs that were otherwise destined for closure.  Frequently these are the last surviving pubs in the towns and villages they serve.  As well as safeguarding the ongoing availability of a key service, the additional benefit of community ownership is that members may then have influence over the types of service provided by their pub.  This may be related to the manner of the running of the pub, or the types of services on offer.  For example, the facility may provide additional services, such as a community meeting place, café or local shop.

Why form a community pub, why not allow it to be privately owned and run?

Aside from the obvious benefits of being to own and run the pub by the community for the community, there is always a risk that private investment may not be forthcoming.  Over the last two decades more than 13,000 pubs have closed in the UK, with the land typically being sold for change of use, often ending up as housing.  Once local pubs close they are lost for good.

What is the Plunket Foundation?

Plunkett Foundation helps create a sustainable initiative that will make a community a better place to live.

Over the past century, Plunkett has enjoyed working with individuals and groups on a wide range of community businesses, including; pubs, shops, cafes, and lots more. They hear the challenges faced by rural communities and have developed a tried-and-tested model to best support groups in tackling these challenges. For more information